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Mint by Michelle - Tissue Paper - Distressed Tile

Mint by Michelle - Tissue Paper - Distressed Tile

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Distressed Tile - seamless repeat pattern tissue paper

28gsm tissue paper

Each pack contains 3 sheets of 35cm x 35cm images (13.7inches)

Introducing Mint Tissue Papers:

Unleash Your Creativity with Seamless Design!

Are you ready to add an extra layer of elegance and finesse to your crafting projects? Look no further, because we have the perfect product for you: Mint Tissue Papers! These innovative tissue papers are here to revolutionize your creative endeavours and bring a touch of magic to your crafting adventures.

What makes Mint Tissue Papers so special?

Let's dive into the exciting details:

  1. Seamless Repeat Design: Say goodbye to unsightly seams interrupting your artistic vision. Our Mint Tissue Papers come in a generous size of 35x35 cms or 13.8x13.8 inches, offering a seamless repeat design. This means that your projects will have a smooth, uninterrupted flow of beautiful patterns, making them truly eye-catching and professional-looking.

  2. Incredible Value: We believe in providing you with the best bang for your buck. That's why each pack of Mint Tissue Papers includes not one, not two, but three tissue papers! Yes, you read that right. With this amazing value, you'll have plenty of tissue paper to bring your creative ideas to life without worrying about running out.

  3. High-Quality Composition: Mint Tissue Papers are crafted from premium-quality 28gsm tissue paper. This carefully chosen weight strikes the perfect balance between durability and delicacy, allowing you to work with confidence. Whether you're creating intricate paper crafts, adding draw details or decoupaging a full furniture piece, these tissue papers will exceed your expectations.

  4. A Fresh Twist to Your Projects: While our original Mint Decoupage Papers are beloved by many, Mint Tissue Papers offer a completely different paper experience. Their unique composition and seamless design make them perfect for a variety of applications. 

  5. Let Your Imagination Soar: The possibilities with Mint Tissue Papers are virtually endless. Unleash your imagination and explore the boundless potential of these versatile papers. Create stunning homewares, embellish home decor items, personalize handmade cards, or breathe new life into old furniture pieces. With Mint Tissue Papers, you're limited only by your creativity.

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