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Barnes Easycast Fast Set Resin - 475g

Barnes Easycast Fast Set Resin - 475g

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Easycast is a two-component rigid urethane casting compound. It cures to Shore 65D and although translucent before mixing, it cures white in colour. Easycast is a rapid setting material that demonstrates slightly more flexibility than other similar materials. 
Easycast is machinable, can be sanded, drilled, turned and ground. Easycast accepts a wide range of fillers and can reproduce the most minute detail as a result of its extremely low viscosity. This system is easily pigmented and fast turnover of parts can be achieved.

Easycast Polyurethane resin is a two component rigid urethane casting compound. 

Recommended for: Model Kits, Collectibles, Small Parts, Props, Thin Casts
Potlife & Demould: Work time – 2-2.5 mins / Demould time – 10-20 mins
Hardness & Type: Shore D65 +/-2 Rigid Polyurethane, 60cps

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