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Pentart Cracking Paste - White

Pentart Cracking Paste - White

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Cracking paste is a two-component, water-based system to produce the effect of cracked surfaces. First, apply a thin and even layer of our PENTART crackle paste base. Once dried, use a brush, sponge or spatula to apply the crackle paste. Also suitable for use with stencils. The paste will crack as it is drying: the web structure and depth of cracks depends on the thickness of the layer applied. Applying a thin layer will produce the effect of cracked paint; a thicker layer produces three-dimensional cracks. Use our acrylic paints to colour the crackle paste before applying; once dried, the finished surface can be decorated using other colours or an antique finish.

Metal: Two-component cracking system for 3D cracks with metallic sheen. Apply the paste on the dried primer coat. The thickness of the paste influences the depth and shape of the cracks. It is recommended to use a hair drier to dry the paste.

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