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Karoo Sjiek Decoupage Paper - KSFP084

Karoo Sjiek Decoupage Paper - KSFP084

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Karoo Sjiek "It’s not paper" decoupage medium – This is a tear and crease-resistant printed product that can easily be applied to most surfaces as a decoupage print to enhance your craft projects as well as renew your old furniture and appliances. 

Karoo Sjiek Premium “it’s not paper” non-tear decoupage prints are easy to use, no skill is required. 

Our designs are available in various sizes ranging from 900mm x 600mm, A2, A3, A4, and A5 as well as our door prints in 815mm x 2050mm.

Karoo Sjiek “it’s not paper” prints do not bubble, tear, or crease and can be applied to most surfaces as one design or cut up as is done with conventional decoupage paper.


How To Use Our Karoo Sjiek “Its Not Paper” Decoupage Prints.

Prepare your item that you want to cover with our decoupage print by painting it a light colour, e.g. White or off white. Remember to follow the directions that the paint manufacturer recommends for the paint to adhere properly. Once the painted surface is completely dry, you may start the decoupage process.

Remove your print from the plastic wrapping and with an iron on cool, gently iron the back of your print.  Do not use the steam setting.

Once all the folds are ironed out place your print on the desired spot.  All white surround needs to be trimmed if the print is smaller than the item being decoupaged. 

Apply a base coat of a good quality polyurethane water-based sealer, or modge and whilst the sealer is still wet, place the print in the desired space.  You can rub the print with your hands or use a roller once it is in place.  Rub from the centre to the sides. Once this is dry, you may apply a second coat of sealant onto the front of the print.  After the final (3rd) coat, If required, the item may be sanded with 400 grid sandpaper to create a smooth texture.

When using the print on an item that will be used in the open air, use a sealer with added UV protection.

Once dry, your item may be cleaned with a damp cloth.  

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