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Two Fussy Blokes - Microfibre mini roller (15mm nap)

Two Fussy Blokes - Microfibre mini roller (15mm nap)

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Microfibre mini roller (15mm nap)

The longest nap in our mini-roller range, the 15mm (available in a 100mm length) is designed to get into those hard-to-reach spots when you’re painting. Excellent for tough projects with tricky challenges, they work beautifully with water-based paints and are particularly recommended for primers and topcoats. Ideal for use on the likes of weatherboards, textured plaster and surfaces, bricks, fences, and gates, the 15mm-nap mini rollers offer remarkable paint pick-up and release and a superior finish. Like with our 10mm-nap minis, there’s no need to lay off your paint.

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Available in packs of 3 or 10.  

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