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Dixie Belle Glaze - Sapphire Pearl - 118ml (4oz)

Dixie Belle Glaze - Sapphire Pearl - 118ml (4oz)

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Sapphire Pearl is a blue toned shimmery glaze. Use over any teal or blue to get a watery feel and movement!

Dixie Belle Glazes are luminous water-based colours used to create gorgeous decorative finishes such as stippling, burnishing, ageing, and colour washing.

You can create unique Faux finishes while adding depth and dimensions to your project. Our Glazes can be intermixed or layered to create your own unique colours.

Add subtle shine and shimmer to your project using Sapphire Glaze! This eye capturing addition will bring a bit of magic to any piece.

To use Sapphire Pearl Glaze:

  • Apply the glaze to a clean surface in small sections, using a brush or a cloth.
  • Wipe away excess glaze or add more if necessary.
  • Dry time varies. However, you usually have 10-20 minutes to work with the glaze before it dries completely.
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